Permanent accomodations – Rental bungalows:
Our campers open a barrel

Since 2021 we offer our guests a new vacation experience and offer nights in the sleeping barrel “Wolpertinger”. The idyllic premium location, situated directly on a mountain meadow with original Allgäu cows and their iconic bell sound, our sleeping barrel captivates with a fantastic view of the Bregenzerwald to the Säntis.

But the “Wolpertinger” is not only great fun for grown-ups. Situated family-friendly near the playground of our facility, it means for the little ones “door open and off into the green”. And also the walking distance to our gastronomy as well as the washing and recreation rooms, is a little highlight, because so the size is not a disadvantage, but an experience for the whole family.

Particular Focus:
Family Friendly Camping

As a small campground that has thrived in the heart of the Allgäu since 1970, we at “Camping Aach” have seen many trends come and go. Of course we have also evolved and adapted to the needs of our guests, but without forgetting our philosophy:

We are family

Family owned for three generations by now, we have campers who are also our guests with three generations. We have soul because we have not grown on the drawing board, but on the needs of our campers. One looks for uniform pitches – at best in the plan square – in vain with us. They are completely different, partly on the slope, partly with a view into the valley or to the mountain, hemmed in by hedges or on the bump with long-time friends and often individually redesignable for short-term needs. What counts with us is not the comparison, but the difference and the effort to find for each guest THE pitch that makes the vacation a lasting experience.

Basic values of camping like “freedom”, “flexibility” and “affordable vacation” are lived reality for us. Freedom for us means to take up opinions and wishes and to unite them. We experience and manage a colorful mix of guests: from annual guests, seasonal guests and tourists to “transients” and spontaneous travelers. We deliberately do not have a corner with seasonal campers or tourist guests in separate areas. This is how new friendships, interesting conversations and “neighbors” are formed. This is exactly why our camper family is constantly growing. And that is what we are proud of – that we succeed in this togetherness. In this respect, it doesn’t matter to us whether the neighbors are annuals or transients – with us, people help each other.

Flexibility means for us that we have great understanding when travel plans change and campers want to or have to shorten their stay. We don’t charge the full rent if you don’t use the site, but we do ask you to re-occupy it. With us everyone can leave at any time – as long as the concession is based on reciprocity – a timely information about the early departure should be self-evident.

Camping, we think, should be an affordable experience for families. Of course, we also have to adapt to the circumstances and think economically. Thus, also with us reservations can become necessary in the high season in the meantime. However, we (almost always) find space for transients for one night – especially if they are traveling with a tent. Hospitality means not to send away campers who simply can’t find another possibility and urgently need a shelter. Because of this it can get a bit “crowded” with us on some days. But in this way long lasting friendships and great stories have already been created and this is also part of the basic values of camping – cohesion of the camper families.

So if you are looking for a soulless and for that perfectly organized a 120sqm pitch with bells and whistles on the luxury campsite with all the comforts, to be such a “number” and to be looked after by employees in a three-shift system – you are definitely not in the right place with us. That is not bad – everyone has his preferences – only that is not “Camping-Aach”.

Because what we offer is personal care, heart and empathy. We find solutions and see opportunities in every challenge. We are family-oriented because our guests are cared for by family members and extremely long-time colleagues and friends. We know our campers and their needs, always have an open ear for concerns and wishes and strive every day anew to become a little bit “better”. For this we use every form of criticism and even better the frequently expressed praise of our campers. In this respect: Welcome to Camping-Aach