Project Description

The Càmping Begur is located in a leafy and pleasant forest. The campsite is organized in such a way that we show the utmost respect for nature. In this way we achieve that the experience is as authentic, relaxing and natural as possible. At Càmping Begur we offer you a range of facilities and services that will satisfy the whole family. We organize activities specially designed for children so that they can have fun while interacting with the environment. But you will also find services and activities designed for you, we are the first campsite in Europe to receive the Biosphere Tourism certificate. It guarantees that we are committed to responsible and sustainable tourism, both in terms of the environment and the region and society. We love Begur, its beaches, its people and the forest that surrounds us.

For this reason we cannot help but work in a way that pays the utmost respect for the environment and the surrounding area. At Càmping Begur you can enjoy your holiday with the reassuring knowledge that you respect the environment.