This detailed concept helps us not only to meet the expectations of our camping guests in a four-star campsite, but to exceed them. Our long-term goal is to design activities for our campsite guests as well as for external day guests in such a way that, on the one hand, the implementation of the strategy is work efficient and, on the other hand, the guests get the feeling of a varied and eventful programme in which they find their own level again. This places high demands on programme and planning structures and processes.
Goal: The entire concept is based on the three main pillars Eros (desire and needs), Ethos (habits, customs and rituals) and Pathos (passion), which interlock and serve the Logos (meaningfulness) and sustainability on all levels. Analogous to the three pillars of the corporate concept, camping guests should be holistically covered by our offer. Body, mind and soul should be equally enlivened with activities.
Our programme is oriented towards the needs and desires (Eros) of our Heidehof permanent guests, short-term camping guests and external day guests with the aim of bringing a new habit (Ethos), routine and thus also variety into everyday life with the basic idea of prevention and all-round health. The enthusiasm (pathos) of our employees should create a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere. The aim of the programme is, among other things, that the enthusiasm of our staff spills over to the campers and that they can step out of their comfort zone in order to make new experiences that strengthen their personal confidence in themselves. On the other hand, the aim is to create the necessary sales stimulus so that the desired results are achieved.
The offer of the demanders includes well-tried courses, furthermore we try to include a uniqueness with new trends and courses in the offer, as far as they make sense from our point of view. Thus, fixed courses and entertainment programmes will form the framework of the offer. Furthermore, we will always strive to organise unique events in the field of sports and entertainment in order to offer unique opportunities to try out supra-regional trends.
In addition to the interpersonal goals related to our short-term guests and annual guests, there are of course also economic goals. The aim is to create a meeting place in order to generate a source of income. Furthermore, regional and supra-regional events are to take place and thus demonstrate to the guests an added value in which one can respond even more personally to their individual needs.
The idea is not to establish a rigid programme. The concept is to be adapted as required by current findings. However, it should primarily serve as a working document and provide information on current measures, for example.