Project Description

Camping Wirthshof

The Wirthshof bees In Wirthshof busy bee colonies are at home! Not only do our bees help the wonderful nature on and around the Wirthshof, but with guided tours several times a month, there is also the opportunity for young and old to get an insight into the world of bees. From a real beekeeper, our guests learn how a hive works, why bees are essential to nature, how bee products are created and much more. We would like to draw attention to the necessity of the bees and explain why they should be protected.

We offer selected themed weeks at Wirthshof throughout the year, such as the fairytale week, the adventure of nature weeks, the fresh air weeks and many more. Every year on Ascension Day, Wirthshof transforms itself into a living fairytale and legend world for all big and small princesses and frog kings. Let’s go to the fairytale rally or to the treasure hunt in the robber forest. All Wirthshof areas merge and create an unbelievable world of fairy tales for young and old.