Project Description

De Papillon

• All playground equipment is made from 100 percent sustainable material, so the equipment does not turn into rubbish after being scrapped, but is a building material for new materials
• All washing machines are supplied with soft rainwater, which means that the laundry is washed free of phosphate and with less detergent
• The paths are paved with clinker from recycled and cleaned debris instead of fossil materials
• The UVA and UVB protective polycarbonate sunroof provides 90% energy savings when heating the swimming pool water
• The pool water is reused for flushing the toilets
• The toilet buildings are heated with the help of solar panels
• Solar energy itself supplies power to the public grid
• The restaurant kitchen washes with preheated water thanks to solar energy
• A soccer field has been transformed over a period of several years into a small biotope of the original landscape. Sheep “entertain” this authentic planting. There is a pond with steep banks, designed for shore swallows. Even the rare kingfisher breeds here.
• The previously excavated swimming pond is kept clean by purifying aquatic plants.