The Tiny House theme is no longer a simple trend that only occurs in the USA. In Germany, too, more and more people are deciding to live in the spirit of Peter Lustig. The desire for a minimalist life and a return to nature is in the foreground. Staying overnight in a Tiny House also offers a special adventure effect for children. Everything that is important for life is in the minimalist living space, so that although you move closer together, you don’t have to forego any comfort. In order to be able to convey this attitude to life, we have set up our new Tiny House area at the Eurocamp Spreewaldtor in the Märkische Heide, in which four Tiny Houses form a small “village”. For this project we were able to win over the manufacturer Wunderwuzzi, who produce very individual Tiny Houses in Bramsche. The Tiny Houses are all shaped and furnished differently. Dining area, kitchen and bathroom as well as a double bed are on the ground floor. The sleeping area for children can be found on the upper gallery, which can be reached via a ladder or a narrow staircase. In addition to electric underfloor heating, all Tiny Houses also have a wood stove, which can heat up the Tiny House quickly in colder seasons. Thanks to good insulation, you can live in them without restrictions even in winter. Although the new tiny houses are arranged in a circle, the terraces are oriented in different directions to ensure privacy. Pretty perennial gardens have been laid out around the houses, in which hollyhocks, delphiniums, lupins and many herbs grow, resulting in a colorful picture of flowers.