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Welcome to Campsite Award 2018

Campsite Award 2018

The Campsite Award is an industry award which is dedicated to campsites regardless of size or type. The aim is to honor special campsites. The categories into which campsites can submit their site have [...]

The judges panel

The judges panel is one of the Campsite Award’s specialties. It includes readers of the renowned magazines Reisemobil International, Camping, Cars & Caravans as well as CamperVans, Glamping as well as your guests and passionate [...]

The categories

In order for you to perfectly present your campsite and its’ specialties you are able to choose between the different categories. Your campsite is known for its stunning location? Or your orientation towards family vacation? [...]


Why you should particpate in Campsite Award 2018... The Campsite Award is an industry award for camping entrepreneurs. It will take place for the second time in 2018. With your participation you do not only [...]

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