General Terms and Conditions for participating in awards (referred to as “events” or “awards” in the following) hosted by DoldeMedien Verlag GmbH (referred to as „DoldeMedien“ in the following).

1.   Scope of application

1.1 For contracts regarding the participation in DoldeMedien awards, the regulations that are stated in the application form (print or digital) as well as in the following General Terms and Conditions of this contract are applicable.

1.2 A contract regarding the participation is only valid after DoldeMedien confirmed the submission in writing.

1.3 Modifications and/or amendments to the contract have to be made in writing. Any verbal agreements outside the framework of the contract are not valid until confirmed in writing by DoldeMedien. Same is applicable to this written form clause.

2. Applications and competition

2.1 For participation in the contest it is required that the submitting company has active business operations during the whole period of the competition. DoldeMedien reserves the right to exclude companies from participating, if active business operations cannot be guaranteed at any time during ongoing competition.

2.2 For the participation it is required that the application fees for the submission are fully paid. After submitting your entry you will receive an invoice.

2.3 Applications can be withdrawn in form of text up to two weeks after the closure date of the submission. However, the application fee has to be paid in any case, even if the submission is withdrawn.

2.4 Submissions can be made in your own name or on behalf of others.

2.5 Companies that sponsor categories are not allowed to participate in those sponsored categories.

2.6 Unless specified differently, only activities from a period of time of 1.5 years prior to the closure date of submission are taken into consideration.

2.7 Winners and finalists are published in the course of the awards. DoldeMedien reserves the right to assign submitted applications to a different category if necessary. This applies if the category selected by the participant is considered unsuitable.

2.8 The awarding is depended on the reader’s as well as the visitors of the websites’.  For the purpose of maintaining comparability of the campsites in the competition a factor is used, dependent on the size. The results will remain a secret until the awards ceremony.

2.9 Participants assure that applications transmitted and submitted do not violate any laws, regulatory provisions, other rules, or third-party rights. Furthermore, participants guarantee to own the necessary rights for placed applications to participate in the award competition. They grant these rights to DoldeMedien. Participants are obligated to release DoldeMedien fully from any resulting damages and costs if DoldeMedien should be approached by third parties due to any violations mentioned above.

3. Prices and fees

3.1 All prices and fees are net. The additional statutory VAT is due at the time of participation and payment.

3.2 The invoice amount is due within 14 days upon receipt of the invoice. The invoice will be sent to the clients’ e-mail address. Postal dispatch of the invoice only on request.

3.3 If payments due are not paid by the participant within 14 days upon receipt of the invoice or equivalent request for payment, the participant is in default.

3.4 In case a different invoice recipient is stated in the entry form, the participant guarantees that the invoice recipient agrees and that the measures are in line in terms of taxation issues and openly communicated towards the participants’ and invoice recipients’ tax authorities. Even if the invoice recipient is not the participant, the participant remains the contract partner and is therefore obliged to clear open invoices towards DoldeMedien. DoldeMedien is allowed to invoice against the participant, even if a different recipient is stated on the invoice.

4. Liability

The liability of DoldeMedien for losses arising from the contract or prohibited acts is limited to willful misconduct and gross negligence. This exclusion is not applicable to cases of personal injury or death, violation of cardinal obligations, in other words duties whose fulfillment allows the proper execution of the agreement and on whose compliance the contractual partner may generally rely. This exclusion is also not applicable for claims for damages in case of default. In such cases DoldeMedien is also be liable in case of simple negligence. In the event that the liability of DoldeMedien should be excluded or limited, same is also applicable to the personal liability of DoldeMedien’s employees and commissioners. The liability of DoldeMedien is limited to the typically expected damage or loss within the scope of this contract. This limitation is not applicable for claims for damages due to willful misconduct or fraudulent behavior by DoldeMedien. Furthermore, the limitation is also not applicable for the liability in connection with expressly assured quality characteristics, for claims under the product liability law, or for damage resulting from death or personal injury. Should the event be delayed or completely cancelled as a result of force majeure, no liability is assumed.

5. Modifications to the course of the event

DoldeMedien reserves the right to modify the course of the event as long as this modification has no influence on the overall character of the event.

6. Final provisions

Insofar a contract has been concluded with an entrepreneur (§ 14 BGB),

a) the place of jurisdiction is Stuttgart
b) German law is applicable with the exception of the UN sales law.

We do not participate in a dispute settlement procedure of a consumer arbitration agency.

Version July 2019