Below you can find all nominated campsites for each category. By clicking on the image you will receive more detailed information and are able to give your vote to your favourite campsite. Every participant only has one vote per category.


A - Restaurant Gastronomy
B - Event Gastronomy
C - Sanitary facilities Design
D - Sanitary facilities Functionality
E - Architecture of buildings
F - Architecture of landscape
G - Leisure activities for kids (0-14 years)
H - Leisure activities for teens and young adults (15-24)
I - Leisure activities for adults (25-50 years)
J - Leisure activities for best-agers (50+ years)
K - Kids-Entertainment
L - Adult-Entertainment
M - Wellness Recovery
N - Wellness Recovery
O - Permanent accomodations – Glamping
P - Permanent accomodations – Rental bungalows
Q - Location panoramic view
R - Location recreational value
S - Innovation
T - Sustainability
U - Particular Focus
V - Best overall offer